About Incorporate Ireland

About Us

Incorporate Ireland is an accountancy firm that provides tax and corporate compliance services. Businesses of every size use our organisation in order to adhere to tax and company law in Ireland.

Despite more companies being registered today than ever before*, there is resistance in the accounting industry to reduce the costs of company registrations. Some Irish firms are charging over €200 for a standard company incorporation package.

Removing the barriers to Irish companies helps more businesses get started, expedites growth for existing companies, and increases profitability and the economy of Ireland.

Our Mission

Incorporate Ireland was set up in 2018 with one goal - to reduce the burden of tax and accounting compliance on businesses. That means reducing the cost of adhering to tax and corporate law in Ireland and reducing the time company directors spend on accounting.

We seek to continuously improve the scope and efficiency of our services offered by continuously improving our software to create economies of scale and scope that will allow us to serve our clients better than any other accounting firm.

* Source: CRO Annual Report 2017 - 22,304 companies were register in 2017, the highest number in the history of the State.