How to choose a Company Name Guidelines and Restrictions

Company Name Refusal

An application to register a company in Ireland will be refused by the CRO if the company name falls into one of the categories below:
  1. It is identical or similar to a name already appearing on the register of companies
  2. It is offensive
  3. It would suggest state sponsorship
  4. It contains one of the restricted words below
The Free Name Check Tool on this site will check your proposed name immediately to see if it is acceptable to the CRO. It only takes a minute and is strongly recommended in order to avoid incorporation delays.

Similar Names

Company names that are phonetically or visually similar to names on the register will be refused. For instance:
  • "Any Wear Limited" will be refused if "Any Where Limited" is already registered
  • "G00g1e Limited" (using zeros and one) will be refused if "Google Limited" is already registered
  • "All 4 You Limited" will be refused if "All For You Limited" is already registered
It is generally recommended that company names include extra words to create a sufficient distinction between names that are already on the register. These extra words should be descriptive and not general or weak. For example, if "Hello World Limited" already exists on the register, an application for "Hello The World Limited" would get refused. Using the definite article in the company's name is not enough to distinguish it. Other insufficient distinctions would include "holding", "group", "system", "services", "international", etc. Place names are also insufficient distinctions and words like "Ireland", "Dublin", "Irish", for example, would be ignored.

Restricted Words

The following words are restricted from being used in company names:
  • "Bank", "Society", "Charity"
  • "Co-op", "Co-operative"
  • "University", "Regional Technical College", "Institute of Technology"
  • "Standard"
  • "Architect"
  • ".com", ".ie", ".eu", ...

Applicant's Responsibility

It is the applicant's responsibility to satisfy themselves of the acceptability of the proposed name before registering the company. The CRO could require you to change the company name if an objection arises after incorporation. Even before incorporating the company, the CRO will check that the name is in accordance with their requirements.

When registering a company name, the CRO will not check the Register of Business Names or the Trade Mark Register at the Patents Office. The owners of the Business Name or Trade Mark could object to the company name if it conflicts with their rights. Our Name Check Tool checks the Business Names Register, but not the Trade Mark Register.