Company Secretary and Nominee Company Secretary providers

Company Secretary requirement

Every company incorporated in Ireland is required to have a Company Secretary (Secretary).  For a company with only one Director, the Secretary must be a different person. If the company has two or more Directors, then one of the Directors can act as Secretary. The Secretary can be another company or an individual, including non-EEA residents, over the age of 18.
The secretary cannot be the following:
  • Under 18 years of age
  • An undischarged bankrupt

Secretary responsibilities

The directors of the company appoint the Secretary and have a duty to ensure that person has the skills or resources necessary to discharge his or her duties.
The directors have a duty to ensure that the Secretary has the skills necessary to maintain the records required under the Companies Act 2014 (e.g. Registers, Minutes).
The Secretary is not required to have any specific qualification under the Companies Acts.

Nominee Company Secretary businesses and comparison

Nominee Company Secretaries are businesses that act as Secretary for your company. The Nominee Company Secretary will essentially allow you to use their name as Secretary. The service provider will not take on any obligations (e.g. filing returns) of the company; those obligations remain with the Director(s).

Below is a list of businesses that provide Nominee Company Secretary services to Irish companies and the price they charge.

Service Provider Annual Fee
Register My Company €299 + VAT at 23%
Irish Formations €240 + VAT at 23%
Company Bureau €250 + VAT at 23%
Register A Business €250 + VAT at 23%

Changing Secretary

You can change the Secretary at any time by filing a Form B10 within 14 days of the change.