Company Seal Requirements Ireland

Is a Company Seal required?

Under the Companies Act 2014, a company shall have a common seal stating the company's name.

What is a company seal?

A company seal comprises of a pliers and plates. When pressed against paper, the plates emboss or indent the paper with the company's name and number. The company seal is also known as a common seal, embossing seal or pliers seal.

Where can I buy one and how much does it cost?

Incorporate Ireland provide company seals at a total cost of €39 + VAT, including free delivery within Ireland.

When to use the company seal?

The company seal is used for companies needing to certify a document. Share certificates and other company documents are required to be embossed with the company seal.

Who can use the company seal?

A company seal shall be used only with the authority of the directors. Any document that has been affixed with the company seal shall be signed by a director and countersigned by the Company Secretary or another director.