What are the Company Registration Requirements?

Basic requirements for incorporating a company in Ireland

To incorporate a private company limited by shares (LTD) you need to have at least one Director and a separate Company Secretary. Although there is no requirement to have an Irish resident Director, one Director has to be resident in the European Economic Area (EEA) - there is one costly exception to this rule that we won't go into. The Company Secretary can be a company, however, Directors must be individuals.

The company must have a registered office in Ireland and must carry on an activity within Ireland. A company shall not be formed or registered unless it appears to the CRO that the company, when registered, will carry on an activity in the State.

When registering, companies must state their Authorised Share Capital (the maximum amount of shares it can issue) and their Issued Share Capital (the actual amount of shares issued to shareholders). Shareholders are liable to the company for the value of the shares issued to them, so it is advisable to keep this number low, typically at 100 shares in total. Read more about Shares and Shareholders.

Registered Office

As mentioned, your company needs to have its address in Ireland. This address needs to be provided when creating your company and, therefore, needs to be known in advance. There are businesses who allow you to use their address as your company's registered address at a cost. See our post here on registered office providers in Ireland.

Corporation Tax Registration

If your company engages in operations it must register for Corporation Tax (and other appropriate taxes e.g., VAT, Payroll taxes) in Ireland. To qualify as an Irish resident company for Corporation Tax the company must be centrally managed and controlled from Ireland. Incorporate Ireland can register your company for taxes here.

Bank Accounts

You may also want to set up a company bank account as it will be useful in administering payments/receipts for your new company. Check out this digital bank account service www.fire.com which should be easier than opening an account with a high street bank in Ireland.