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Incorporate Ireland is a company formation, accounting and tax service provider set up in 2018. Our goal is to reduce the burden of tax and accounting compliance on businesses by providing customers with the most efficient and cheapest corporate services offered. We keep our costs low by providing our services 100% online and by continuously improving our software to create economies of scale and scope that allow us to serve our clients better than any other accounting firm.

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Limited Company Registration Guidance

Registration Requirements

Requirements for registering a limited company in Ireland.

  • At least one Director and a separate Company Secretary.
  • One Director must be resident in EEA.
  • Directors must be individuals.
  • Registered Office must be in Ireland.

Company Name Rules

The company name is often an important part of the business identity. However, names are often refused for one of the following reasons:

  • Similar to another company name
  • Offensive
  • Would suggest state sponsorship
  • Contains restricted words (eg ".com")

Company Secretary

Company Secretary is a requirement.

  • Anyone can be a Company Secretary (another company, non-EEA residents).
  • If only one Director, Secretary must be a different
  • You can pay someone (Incorporate Ireland) to be Secretary

Shares and Shareholders

A Limited company's Share Capital contains two elements:

  1. Authorised - Maximum number of shares that the company can ever issue
  2. Issued - Actual number of shares company has issued
Only one shareholder required.

Registered Office

Every company incorporating in Ireland is required to have a registered office within the country.

  • Address needs to be provided upon company formation
  • You can use your home address
  • Virtual Office providers allow you to use their address

CRO Annual Return

Confirmation of Company Secretary, Directors, Shareholders, etc.

  • File online - No paper returns
  • First Return due 6 months after incorporation - no financial statements required
  • Second Return due 12 months later and annually thereafter. Include accounts